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Stretch Mark Removal Creams

Stretch mark removal creams are highly sought out by individuals trying to reduce the look of their stretch marks. Truth be told, stretch mark creams and lotions cannot totally eradicate stretch marks. When research topical products some manufacturers may advertise their product as a stretch mark removal cream however, this can be confusing. The only one true way to remove the scarred area is by cosmetic surgical removal. This option may not be available for all areas and may be too aggressive for those with slight marked areas. You may read more information at http://top-stretchmarkcreams.com/ to become more acquainted with procedures, treatments, and topical products available for addressing stretch marks.

Stretch mark removal procedures are advancing technologically every year. New strides in laser therapies are the “go to” when plastic surgeons are called upon to perform their stretch mark removal duties. For some people this is considered the gold standard of stretch mark removal methods, but others have had less success with it; it depends on the age of your stretch marks and also how many sessions you have. Most doctors will explain that a decent and noticeable amount of stretch mark removal will only occur if you have at least four sessions. These have to be done about four to six weeks apart as bruising or burning to the skin can occur, and it’s best to target your stretch marks with laser while they are still red in color. Laser therapy is said to help boost collagen production, which can make a difference in the feel of skin as well as the appearance. Those backing laser therapy claim it targets broken blood vessels and attempts to repair those along with broken skin fibers. Most laser sessions last about 30 minutes and their cost ranges from $200 per session to $1,200, depending on the quality of stretch marks you have and where in the country you decide to have the procedure performed.

Targeting those stretch marks with a topical product can be done at home if you purchase the best stretch mark cream for the job. Which of the stretch mark creams is the best? Hard to say as there are so many out there and it also largely depends on the situation you are in. If you are pregnant, the best stretch mark cream to use during gestation or breastfeeding is going to be one that emphatically and clearly states that it is okay to do so during these delicate times. Anything your skin absorbs, your unborn child may absorb as well, so serious attention needs to be paid to labeling and safety claims when you are “expecting”. People that only have themselves to be concerned about can still be safer by using a cram that is clinically tested and proven. This helps substantiate that the product can be used safely on the skin and show good results. Products that are not clinically tested and proven cannot provide scientific evidence that the formula can produce the results you may be looking for.

Stretch mark creams can reduce the look of stretch marks in a few weeks time and they can be used before you even get stretch marks so you can possibly deter those ugly scars from being even more noticeable. To read more information about stretch marks simply visit this site to obtain more information on diminishing the appearance of your stretch marks.