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Tattoo Removal Pain

Getting a tattoo is painful and removing a tattoo with a treatment option can be painful as well. The best way to avoid pain in regards to a tattoo would be- simply not getting a tattoo in the first place. If you already have a tattoo and you are beginning to regret it-treatments are painful options. For those who had a tough time dealing with the pain of getting the tattoo-treatments may not feel much better.

There are two tattoo removal treatment options. The most well known treatment is laser tattoo removal. During a laser tattoo removal procedure- you schedule a visit with a skincare spa or medical center that offers this service. A trained professional will then use a laser machine to remove the tattoo. The laser machine uses heat to remove the upper layers of skin. Depending on the size, color and age of the tattoo will determine which settings are right for you. The heat applied to the skin can be painful and most people need several treatments before obtaining desired results. To learn more about laser tattoo removal, please refer to http://tattoo-removal-support.com/.

The second treatment option is using a TCA peel. TCA is an abbreviation of Trichloroacetic acid - http://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/trichloroacetic_acid. TCA can be painful if negative side effects occur. This is a strong chemical agent that is intended to help peel the skin.  Although this ingredient is highly effective- it is potentially dangerous. Most companies market TCA as a safe, scar-free ingredient. However, several reports have claimed that TCA does have the potential to scar the skin.

For those who can tolerate pain- laser tattoo removal may be he better treatment option for you. Today other non-treatment options like tattoo fading gels can be used to visibly reduce the look of your tattoo. Several tattoo fading creams can fade the look of both colored and black ink tattoos.

Individuals may ifnd that there are several fading gels that can pre-fade the look of your tattoo, so that you don't have to purchase so many laser tattoo removal treatments. To find out more about tattoo-fading gels, please visit sites like  http://tattoo-removal-support.com/profade/.